Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Home Business Signless: Strawberries

"The Strawberry Woman" is what I call her. La mujer fresa
Sometimes she sells fruits/veggies from back of pickup downtown
but most often here in front of her house. The best & cheapest strawberries!
Atenas, Costa Rica

When she saw me about to make a photo, she hid behind the cart.  :-)

Friday, June 23, 2017

Exploring Rental Houses

A new friend who visited Atenas once and is coming back for 3 months to find if this is really where he wants to retire and maybe find a specific place to live long term. He asked me to check out a rent house he found online listed by owner and I made him a temporary Photo Gallery of the House. I just sent him the link and then thought that others might like to see what you could rent in Atenas for less than $600 a month! Just click the gallery link above. It is 3.9 km from the center of town.

His possible rental house overlooks a beautiful valley and is
surrounded by nature and a mountain resort next door he can use.
Atenas, Costa Rica

Having butterflies is important to me and there were
several right in front of his potential house.
Red-Spotted Patch Butterfly
Atenas, Costa Rica

Correction in Yesterday's Web Link

University of Costa Rica
I was trying to link to the University of Costa Rica medical school and when I googled it the paid ad of a private medical school here came up first and that was the link I used. Sorry! The above link is to the real university website and you can drill down to the medical school or other information about the university. And I just corrected my original post. Money rules even on Google searches! Where you can pay to be listed first!    :-)

Renown medical journal
University of Costa Rica
The university medical school does a twice a year medical research journal called Revista Médica that is well-respected throughout the Americas. And of course they train most of the doctors in Costa Rica along with a few other Latin American medical schools like UCIMED I mistakenly linked to yesterday and a few medical schools in other countries, including the USA.

Most doctors here work for salary through the government health plan where no patient is turned down because of "pre-existing conditions" and there is not expensive co-pay like in the states. The outstanding single-payer healthcare services here contribute to Costa Rica having a healthier population than the United States. And I think the relaxed, happier, pura vida attitude helps too! It is a great, healthy place to live!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Donated My Body Today!

Today I took the bus to San Jose and from bus station a taxi to the University of Costa Rica on the east side of San Jose in the San Pedro community. I went to the Medical School Faculty Building, 3rd floor, to the Anatomy Department. The nicest ladies prepared documents and a wallet card for me and served as witnesses to notarize the official document. Now if I die in Costa Rica, which is my plan, my body will go to the medical school for research or study and no family member or friend has to worry about my body at death. And I have contributed to science!

Some of you know that in Nashville I had the very same arrangements made with Vanderbilt University Medical School, but you have to die within 100 miles of the school to be accepted there. Not likely now, though if for whatever reason I would be in Nashville at the time of my death, it will still work there and not for Costa Rica.

University of Costa Rica

How to Donate Your Body to Science

Homemade Ice Cream & Frozen Fruits on Stick

So very, very good ice cream on a stick and
frozen fruit pulp on a stick, about 44 cents USD.
I walk by here on my way to La Coope.
Great on a hot afternoon!  :-)

And another home selling something more like popsicles except it is frozen drink in little plastic bags the kids bite a hole in and suck the juice out. Not for me:

Apretados (to squeeze)
Atenas, Costa Rica

And the photo gallery of  Home Business Signs Atenas

Where the best is homemade an cheap!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Momentarily in Kenya Today . . .

I had lots of running around business today and chose to eat lunch at my favorite bakery, Crema y Nata. I had a great Philly Steak Sandwich (my lunch & dinner!) then a scrumptious piece of chocolate cake with a cup of Te Chai, the real Chai Tea, like it was made on tea plantations in Kenya East Africa, with half a cup of hot milk and half a cup of hot chai tea flavored slightly with cinnamon and cloves and of course sugar! It was the best Chai I have had since trips to Kenya. The highlight of my day today. Simple pleasures!

On the back of the menu at Crema y Nata
translated to English:
Life is very short . . . start with dessert!

And some morning when I walk by there I may just start the day with a cup of Te Chai!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Surprises in the Garden

Blue-winged Sheenmark, Eurybia lycisca
In my garden yesterday. Only the 2nd one I've ever seen.
See last year's sighting inside my house! Better photo! This is cellphone.
Atenas, Costa Rica

Maraca Plant or Shampoo Ginger
Is spreading like wildfire! Each flower will be a new plant!
Atenas, Costa Rica

Caladium Lily
Not expecting flowers from my caladiums!
Atenas, Costa Rica

Guardian Mom! 
She sits on top of hummingbird feeder, chasing adults off so
her children can freely feed when they wish. See below.
Atenas, Costa Rica

Guardian Mom!
Atenas, Costa Rica